The Journey

The Journey Begins

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. This journey begins with one bake.

This site is to document my journey toward applying for The Great American Baking Show

I’m currently starting the final phase of study toward my doctorate in Chinese medicine and acupuncture and the Pacific College of Health Sciences in Chicago and my wife Alicia and I feel this is the perfect time to start honing my skills so I can start applying to the show after school (we have accepted the fact that I may have to apply more than once since there is so much great competition).

I’ll be doing a bit of reading first and checking my basics but in a few weeks I’ll start posting short videos and pics of all my bakes even if they’re a total fail.

My First Four Strand Plaited Bread

It’s not bad, but could be better and what’s with that heavy concentration of seeds in the center?

Tarte TaTin

I think the caramelization on the apples is a bit darker than I would have liked but the taste was amazing and given that this is the first one of these I’ve ever made I’ll take it and move on.

I made puff pastry for the crust but that can’t be seen here and I forgot to take a pic before baking so here’s what it looked like at the final (8th) turn.

Modeling Practice

Weird Alien Cat (1st animal I’ve ever modeled)

I got a little anxious waiting for my new modeling kit and the ingredients to make some edible modeling paste or marzipan so my wife (Alicia) came up with a few basic tools (xacto knife, un-used cuticle tool, wood skewers etc) and some modeling clay that we had laying around.

Even with the bizarre colors, I think it looks like a cat so they can only get better from here.